Why Employment of Those with Lived Experience Is the Only Way To Shift Power

Paula Harriott – Prison Reform Trust, Kevin Heffernan – NHS England, Jay Arnold-  Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust , and Sameer Iqbal – Prison Liaison Service hosted a session at Losing Control 2019 reflecting on how the North Midlands NHS England Health and Justice Team challenged established culture and processes by employing ex-prisoners and progressing them up the ranks, learning from the value of their lived experience. You can find more related resources below: 

1. Session PowerPoint Slides

You can download their session PowerPoint slides by clicking on the link – Why Employment of Those with Lived Experience is the Only Way to Really Shift Power & How We Did It – to learn more about their challenges, results and key takeaways from the experience.

2. Report: What Incentives Work in Prison? A Prisoner Policy Network Consultation 

This report outlines the key findings of the first consultation undertaken with the Prison Policy Network (PNN). The PNN is part of the Prison Reform’s Trust objective to give  prisoners a stronger influence in how policy on prisons is made.  It is an emerging network of current serving prisoners, ex-prisoners and connected organisations who are interested to share their experiences and ideas with policy makers. This report considered the question ‘What incentives work in prison?’ and more. You can download the report by clicking on the link – PPN Report – What Incentives Work in Prison

3. Short Film “ Custody – Life – Chances”  

This film explains the values and ethos of the Criminal Justice Mental Health Team at The North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust and shows how they are providing a vital service in partnering with Staffordshire Police