Relationships: Beyond Command and Control – Resources from Vanguard Consulting

Joanne Gibson, Brendan O’Donovan, and Emma Ashton from Vanguard Consulting  hosted a session at Losing Control titled “Relationships: Beyond Command and Control” exploring how the current system of ‘public service’ works and why as well as what hinders our ability to create, develop and sustain relationships as well as what is working and why. To further explore themes around relationships and how it relates to public services check out the resources below: 

1. Saving Money By Doing the Right Thing: why ‘local by default’ must replace ‘diseconomies of scale’ 

In this report, Locality in partnership with Vanguard Consulting carried out groundbreaking research challenging the assumptions that ‘economies of scale’ should be sought in the running of public services. You can download the resources by clicking on the link – Vanguard Locality Saving Money By Doing The Right Thing

2. People Centred Services Course

Interested in learning more about people centred services? This 6 month action learning programme teaches the practical steps you need to take to improve people centred services and dramatically reduce costs.  The course is delivered jointly by Vanguard Consulting and the Department of Social Work and Social Care at Kingston and St George’s University of London

Find out more here – Vanguard Kingston University course overview January 2019

3. The Vanguard Periodical: The Vanguard Method in People Centred Services 

This periodical focuses on the Vanguard Method in people centred services, offering hope to those stuck in an unchanging system. Download it here – Vanguard Periodical on PCS