Losing Control to Young People in Governance

Leon Ward, Brook Young People and Karen Lam, The Social Change Agency hosted a session around involving young people in decision-making processes, focusing especially in governance. Here are some resources to think about the issues surrounding the under-representation of young people on boards in England and Wales, why more young people should be in governance and how to start recruiting for young trustees.

Update: The Young Trustees Movement has been launched! See here for more info

1. Blog: Rethinking Trusteeship

Read about The Social Change Agency’s Young Trustee Movement that seeks to challenge the status quo of under-representation of young people on charity boards in England and Wales and some lessons learned along the way. Find it here

2. Barnardo’s Young Trustee Recruitment Pack 

Are you looking to recruit a younger trustee on your board? This comprehensive recruitment pack created by Barnardo’s is a great example of how to recruit for younger trustees including a detailed description of person specifications, role description, how the young trustee will be supported, interviews with current board members, as well as digital content to supplement. It is an example of how a recruitment package can be tailored to be more relateable to young people as well as including all the important info so that the candidate understands what the role   You can download it here – Barnardo’s – Young Trustee – Candidate Information Pack

3. Young Trustees Guide: Developing the Next Generation of Charity Leaders 

This practical guide authored by the Charities Aid Foundation and Leon Ward outlines some of the key issues in the current landscape of trustees, the benefits of having young trustees on boards, challenges from the perspective of young people and charities and solutions. Read it here

4. Guided By Young Voices: How to Include Young People on Your Board and In Your Decision Making Processes

The Roundhouse has been recruiting young trustees to their board annually since 2005. This guide, commissioned by Arts Council England,  shares their experiences and encourages other organisations to follow suit. It also includes practical tips on how to prepare your board, how to build a talent pool, how to support young trustees and how to overcome potential challenges along they way. Read it here