Adopting Buurtzorg: How to revolutionise care in the UK

Paul Jansen, Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland hosted a session at Losing Control 2019 titled “How you can help nurse-led holistic care and self-managed teams revolutionise health and social care in the UK”

Buurtzorg has revolutionised community care in the Netherlands and although the health and care systems are different, the challenges in the UK and Ireland are remarkable similar: ever-increasing demand, spiraling costs, fragmented care models, inadequate outcomes, disillusioned staff. This session explored how Losing Control participants can help Buurtzorg adapt and establish this model in the UK and Ireland. You can find the presentation slides here Buurtzorg in UK – Losing Control – 6 Feb 2019

For more information on Buurtzorg you can visit their website here: