Wow, Losing Control 2019 was quite something, wasn't it?

In many ways it surpassed all our expectations: it feels like we are now part of a growing and supportive community, one with real forward momentum and opportunity.  

It also laid bare some anticipated, and some unexpected, challenges as we start to put momentum into action. 

We believe the power of this network will be in a truly diverse group of people across all sectors, experiences and walks of life feeling able to connect and to share openly and honestly their practical challenges and insights. 

We’re already thinking hard about how we do that – we are busy going through all the feedback, collating resources and questions from attendees and session hosts, following up on ideas and connections.

So they’ll be plenty more to follow over the coming weeks, but in the meantime we wanted to take the chance to say THANK YOU and highlight a few simple ways you can engage, get the most from the network and help shape where we go from here.

Reflections on Losing Control 2019

Connect and grow the network

  • Remember, you can see everyone who came to Losing Control 2019 here– add your own details here if you haven’t already. 
  • Send this email and this link to anyone who might be interested to get news and updates from the network

Keep sharing!

  • Share relevant blogs, articles, tools, insights, challenges and resources with us and we’ll make sure everyone knows about them.
  • Let us know about upcoming (cost-accessible) events or talks and we’ll find ways to share them.
  • Or simply reach out directly on social media using #LosingControl – let’s keep this hashtag going as a place to share ideas, information, challenge and support and grow the network.

Help shape the next steps

40 people have already signed up to be part of the formative advisory group which will guide and shape the network’s next steps. If you want to be included in this, 

We’ll get in touch within the next couple of weeks. 

Or If you have any offers or ideas for us we haven’t yet – let us know!

Reflections on Losing Control 2019

Thanks again to our fabulous venue hosts The Priory Rooms, our session hosts, our staff and volunteers, our funders and all of you for being a part of Losing Control 2019 – we can’t wait to work with you all to continue to take this forward to practical action, and to hear about all the things you are already up to without us (in truth that’s probably the most interesting part)…

Get in touch any time:

Esther, Bob, Karen, and Kim