SCA Podcast #3 – Joe Doran from Lankelly Chase

“With the action enquiry that I’m working on, one of the things that I keep building into is to keep challenging my own assumptions by working with different people who do different things. For example testing methodologies with a fear practitioner.”

In this episode of the SCA podcast we meet Joe Doran, Programme Manager at Lankelly Chase to talk about power, action enquiries and their approach to achieving change. Lankelly Chase is one of the funders of Losing Control 2019.

At the event, Joe will be running an “Help me” session on power with Sally Byng from Barnwood Trust, Fergus Arkley from Power to Change Trust, and Sarah Campbell from Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The session is titled “Funding networks, movements and community leadership not people, organisations and projects” and examines what funders might need to let go of in order to build sustainable investment in networks, movements, leaders and communities.

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