Losing Control Roundup of Blogs and Thought Pieces

This post features some interesting blogs, resources, and opinion pieces that are related to the themes of Losing Control: Power, Relationships, Collaboration. 

1. The Community Paradigm: Why Public Services Need Radical Change and How it Can Be Achieved. 

This report from Adam Lent and Jessica Studdert, New Local Government Network (NLGN) set out a compelling case for why public service reform needs radical shift to local community commissioning based on a new relationship between citizen and state, rejecting hierarchical and transnational mindsets of traditional service models.  Read it here

2. On Paradigms

This reflection piece by Simon Parker responds to the Community Paradigm Report arguing that this requires radicalism on both a grand and micro-scale. Read it here

3. Hierarchy Is Not the Problem… It’s the Power Dynamics

Written by Richard D. Bartlett, this blog is an interesting challenge to traditional views of dispersed leadership and argues that everyone is born with great potential, but sometimes it takes a bit of encouragement before we fully embrace it. Read it here

4. If We Don’t Develop Different Relationships, We’ll Lose Our Legitimacy 

This blog on trust and relationship written by Paul Taylor reflects on the apparent reluctance of many of our institutions to cede any sort of meaningful power and decision-making to communities. Read it here