NEW! Losing Control Action Learning Sets

Dear Losing Control Networkers,

Losing Control is powered by YOU and in response to feedback we received from the network… we are excited to announce the first Losing Control action learning sets!

Stay involved with Losing Control this summer. From exploring issues around power relationships and networks at Eden Project, to learning about and practicing consent based decision-making, there are loads of opportunities to get involved. Take a look below.

[NEW!] Join a Losing Control Action Learning Set

Action Learning Sets (ALS) are a powerful process where a diverse group of practitioners come together to work through issues (for ex. issues related to Losing Control such as power or relationships), share ideas and challenge perceptions in a supportive and trusting environment through reflection, listening and questioning.

The Losing Control core planning team can support interested networkers by arranging for training around how to set up and run an ALS with the view that it will be organised and owned by the action learning set members.

However, we need YOUR feedback on how you want the ALS to be run. To register your interest and to leave your feedback please fill out this short survey. We promise it will take no longer than 10 minutes.

Losing Control Network Events

Teach Me: “Getting Agreement to Get Things Done – Decision-Making in Action”

Friday June 21, 10:30 – 3:30, London

This Losing Control Teach Me session hosted by Pete Burden with help from Agile Collective, the Transition Network, and Outlandish, will introduce and focus on the method of ‘consent’ – as used in Sociocracy and Holacracy amongst others. Participants will practice the steps, and also explore the emotional conditions for making this work in real-life situations.

Limited tickets and travel bursary available, get your tickets here

Losing Control Safari to Eden Project

July 10 – 12, 2019, Eden Project, Bodelva, Par

Losing Control networkers will get a chance over the three days to get behind the scene of Eden Project to learn what Losing Control means to them. This safari is based around the “Help Me” challenge How do you lose control of a network? where participants will support Eden Project come to grips with this challenge as well as gain practical insights from the interactive sessions around the theme of networks. Come along and get an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Eden Project, learn more about Eden Project Communities, The Big Lunch, what makes a network and more…

Only 7 tickets left, click here to get yours now!

Other Events

Check out these events below hosted by members from within the Losing Control network:

1. OPEN 2019 Community Gathering – Decentralised Collaboration, 27-28 June, London

Hosted by The Open Coop, OPEN 2019 is an inter-network event for community builders, network organisers and key connecting members of organisations from a wide range of progressive communities. It is an open space event designed to strengthen the network of communities and organisations that are working on building a collaborative, regenerative economy. For more information and to register, click here

2. Stir to Action Festival – A Playground for the New Economy, 16-18 July, Frome

The Stir to Action Festival will be a unique three days of inspiring conversations, participatory theatre, virtual reality experiences, live podcasts, interactive workshops, idea surgeries, live crowdfunding, sustainable food, craft beer, and, of course, live music! For more information and to register, click here

3. Our Money, Our Planet: Participatory Budgeting and The Green New Deal

PB Partners are delivering a series of free events across the UK in response to the Climate Change emergency. Participatory Budgeting is an effective way for local authorities, and other statutory bodies to respond to this existential threat, and mobilise and enable communities take action themselves.

These 4 events over June and July are designed to raise awareness and consider how to realise the potential of: ‘Our Money, Our Planet’.

Here are the links to the event booking pages:

Edinburgh: 19th June 2019
Brighton: 25th June 2019
Bristol: 11th July 2019
Manchester: 16th July 2019

4. The Art of Building Power and Self-Organisation in Communities, October 22-24, London

Hosted by Community CoLab and The Social Change Agency, this immersive 3 day training will provide innovative tools to facilitate and host participatory meetings and workshops, assisting with more effective ground up solutions to foster an environment of collaboration across sectors.

This is for anyone interested in exploring and practising new ways of creating highly participatory and meaningful conversations with groups of any size, and wanting to explore how to encourage self-organisation in communities, networks and organisations by harnessing the power of passion, responsibility, personal transformation and collective intelligence.

Some bursaries for Losing Control networkers will be available. Email to register your interest.

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