Leaders behind Inclusive Economy Partnership sign up for Losing Control

We’re delighted to announce that leaders from the Cabinet Office-led Inclusive Economy Partnership have signed up to participate at Losing Control.

The Partnership is a great example of participatory, decentralised organising methods and co-creation being put into practice to deliver social change.

Shevaun Haviland, Deputy Director of Business Partnerships at the Cabinet Office, previews their session at Losing Control:

Key facts on the Inclusive Economy Partnership:

The Inclusive Economy Partnership is a partnership between businesses, civil society and government departments.

It is focusing on financial inclusion and capability, mental health at work, and transition to work for young people.

It is supported 18 organisations with innovative solutions to our challenge areas to scale up, through grant funding and forming 100 partnerships with businesses in the Inclusive Economy Partnership.

The 18 innovators have attracted £632,000 in additional grant funding and forecast £1.2m additional revenue in the next twelve months, reaching 50,000 more people as a result.

A West Midlands pilot tackles youth unemployment by bringing together UnLtd, Accenture, O2, Movement to Work, Youth Employment UK and the West Midlands Combined Authority. So far, six innovation workshops have taken place with young people to understand more about their challenges and aspirations in transitioning to work. The project can now design the most effective interventions which bridge the gaps in existing provision.

This project will be one of the key discussion points during the ‘Talk to Me’ session at the Losing Control conference in February, where there will be deeper insight and discussion into the approach the Partnership took.