May 2019 Newsletter: Some big changes to Losing Control!

Dear Losing Control Networkers,

After feedback from the advisory council and loads of conversations with members of the losing control network, we’ve taken some time to reflect….

We’re losing control too!

There is a significant SHIFT, with our resources and energy focusing on:

– Supporting individuals within the network to connect, learn from, challenge and help each other
– Having a stronger emphasis on inclusion in all we do from across backgrounds, experiences and sectors
– Losing Control won’t be created and driven by The Social Change Agency and Practical Governance… we will be working alongside you to shape and deliver opportunities, support and highlight all our work, and co-produce the annual event so that the network is led, controlled and shaped by YOU

If you want to read more about what this means in practice for funding, decision-making and action, take a peek here at what has come out of the Losing Control Advisory Council Meetings – feel free to leave a comment yourself too

Keep an eye out on your inbox in the upcoming weeks for lots of exciting opportunities to shape, contribute to and get more from the network!

Here is Losing Control advisory council member Mark Wilkinson talking more about the changes we’re making:


Check out these events below hosted by members from within the Losing Control network!

1. Building Bridges in Divisive Times, June 10 – 13

The two Systems-Centered workshop hosted by Systems-Centered Training (SCTUK) offers practical ways to build bridges and co-create more effective organisations. Limited bursaries available. Find out more here

2. How Can We Build A Collaborative Society? June 13

Hosted by Collaborate CIC, this event takes the theme of the Collaborative Society to explore ideas around what the future of a collaborative society should and could look like. Register and find out more here

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