SCA Podcast #1 – Marie-Claude Gervais from Versiti

“The scale of the changes ahead of us makes it especially urgent to involve more diverse people in the conversation.”

In this episode of the SCA podcast we meet Marie-Claude Gervais, Research Director at Versiti to talk about power and collaboration. At Losing Control, Marie-Claude will be running a Teach Me session titled “Powering seldom-heard groups to tackle inequalities”.

Her session shows how digital communities can be used to engage seldom-heard people to identify their experiences and unmet needs, and provide a structured tool for collaboration and co-creation. The session draws on a case study with LGBT, ethnic minority and older cancer patients.

Listen the first episode of the SCA podcast here or by using the player below to learn more about Marie-Claude Gervais and her work.

Marie-Claude Gervais added: “One of the cancer patients in the project will be here to speak about her experience and how taking part in the community impacted on her life. She will explore how power affects relationships and what is needed to engage in relationships as equals. The session will also introduce participants to the digital platform that was used to engage cancer patients in an egalitarian and empowering way.”

To make the sessions truly interactive and to learn about the digital platform used to engage cancer patients, please get in touch with Marie-Claude Gervais ( She will upload you on the platform so you can take part, either as a ‘participant’ or as a ‘moderator’, during the session at Losing Control. You will then receive an email with simple step-by-step instructions to log on.

Find out more about Marie-Claude Gervais session and read the rest of the Losing Control programme here.