Resources from the Centre for Public Impact

Losing Control 2019 hosts, Adrian Brown and Elena Bagnera from the Centre for Public Impact recently delivered a session“ ‘Losing Control in Government: Can Whitehall Learn to Let go?” where they set out the case for a radical rebalancing of power in government. These resources will help you continue exploring themes around unlocking the positive potential of government.

1. Questionnaire: The Future of Government: Help Shape What Comes Next

The Centre for Public Impact want to hear from YOU, and what your vision is for the government of the future. Share your thoughts and suggestions here

2. Blog: Enablement: How Governments Can Achieve More By Letting Go

This article explores what “enablement mindset” means and its implications for how the public sector can achieve the outcomes that matter to citizens through public services. Featured too is the case study of Buurtzorg, also hosts at Losing Control 2019!  Read more to find out how the enabling mindset represents a radical shift in authority, accountability and agency from those at the top to those lower down the system.

3. Blog: Sub-prime Evidence: Is Evidence-Based Policy Facing a Crisis?

In this article, Adrian Brown explores the important difference between a focus on evidence and a focus on experimentation and how the latter encourages practitioners to continuously reflect on how to improve things and learning with others as they go.  Read here

4. Podcast: Experimenting

This podcast hosted by Mark Foden features Adrian Brown and explores the need for experimental approaches to improving complex systems. Take a listen here

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