Losing Control is for people who want to share power more equally to unleash social change. We have over 500 individuals from across sectors who are interested in ways of working that are collaborative, grassroots-led and participatory
The Losing Control network is your space, created with you and by you –  from the annual event itself, the network events in-between, face to face, and online training and who knows what else. The power is in your hands.

Losing Control Network members will have access to: 

Practical tools, support and inspiration needed to let go of power to spread social ideas and impact more widely and more quickly

Peer-led learning groups from a diversity of backgrounds that will support, challenge and learn from others.

Professional and personal development tailored to what you say you need during the events and network discussions.

Unexpected connections that you never knew you needed until now!

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What do we want to offer?

We want to provide network infrastructure to enable members to find, meet, communicate, share knowledge and insights and develop peer support to drive collaboration and the network.


We also want to build and provide a rich platform for innovation to happen. Enabling members to create new areas of interest, experiment and build partnerships for collaboration to change practice.

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Who is part of Losing Control?
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