Launching The Losing Control Network Events Programme

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Dear Losing Control networkers,

Are you looking for inspiration for ways to lose control and share power more equally?

In this edition, we are excited to announce the launch of the Losing Control 2020 Network Events Programme offering a range of workshops hosted by members from within the network itself.

From storytelling for change to collaborating to stimulate local systems change and building personal resilience, the Losing Control network events offers you an opportunity to learn specific skills or insights from hosts who have actually applied them before and know what they’re talking about.

Take a peek below and we hope to see you at our upcoming events!

Losing Control at Stronger Things: Unleashing Community Power

Losing Control is pleased to be hosting a session at the New Local Government Network (NLGN) conference: Stronger Things: Unleashing Community Power on March 12 2020 in London.

We invite you to join us at our session The Darkest Confessions of a Community Empowerer

Leave your phones at the door for this candid completely confidential and fully participatory session exploring what happens when community empowerment goes wrong. Penitents who dare will be asked what went wrong, what they did to make amends and what they would do differently next time.

Tickets to the event are free, get yours here.

Let us know (email if you are planning to come along – we would love to meet you at the event or perhaps plan a meet-up with other Losing Control networkers there

Losing Control Network Events Programme 2020

1. Navigating uncertainty: tools and practices for steering your organisation through complexity
February 27 2020, Plymouth

This workshop hosted by Human Organising Co. will introduce you to a selection of tried-and-tested tools and practices to help you and your organisation navigate ambiguity and complexity.

2. Storytelling for Change. March 12, 2020 London

Hosted by Acumen Academy UK, the focus of this workshop will be on building your ability to articulate a hopeful vision, speak across lines of difference, and move others into action.

3. How to make partnerships work well. March 31, 2020 Birmingham

Hosted by Mike Zeidler, this workshop is on thinking skills and strategies which create a reliably productive collaborative advantage

4. Building personal resilience in a fast-paced world. April 7, 2020 London

Are you a leading a network or a community? This workshop, hosted by Hannah Massarella, founder of Bird, will equip you with tried-and-tested resilience-building strategies to ensure you are feeling as positive and well in your work as possible.

5. Collaborating in complexity: embracing the mess to do what’s best for people, not what’s comfortable. May 7, 2020 London

Hosted by Dawn Plimmer, Collaborate CIC, this workshop will explore what it means to work in complexity and introduce approaches to enable more effective funding, commissioning and delivery in complex contexts.

6. Stewardship Camps. June 8-9, 2020 Stroud

In this two day camp we’ll explore how to bring people together in a place to build trust and lay the foundations for collective action. This camp is hosted by Rich Holmes and Will Mansell.

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