March 2020 Newsletter: How can we provide a contribution to the response to Coronavirus Covid-19?

How can we provide a contribution to the response to Coronavirus Covid-19?

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Dear Losing Control networkers, 

Getting the most from self-organised citizen-led mutual aid groups

Here at Losing Control, we are amazed and inspired by the quick rise in self-organised citizen-led mutual aid groups that have sprung up across the country.

Mutual aid groups are acting quickly so that people can ask each other for help and support. In times of crisis, we need to look after and have solidarity with each other, especially with those that are the most vulnerable. 

We don’t think we ought to try and replicate what others are already doing really well, or step into areas beyond our immediate experience. However, we do think this network has real expertise to share in supporting people involved in organising or volunteering with mutual aid groups to get the most from them.

So, with this in mind, we’ve started to collate some key elements we feel such groups might be thinking about to help provide the safest and effective support.

We are aiming to crowdsource practical contributions to the resources people can draw upon especially when it comes to clear and accountable decision-making in self-organised and dispersed groups. 

We also aim to share this crowdsourced document with those that are best placed to share this information more widely such as existing mutual aid guidance websites. Thank you all in advance for your contributions. 

This event is a chance to hear from, meet, get support from and give support to others that are trying to find effective ways to fund or commission movements, networks and communities.

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Look out for one another and be well,

The Losing Control Team

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