Tuesday 5th February 9:30 – 17.30

Wednesday 6th February 08.30 -15.45


The Priory Rooms Meeting & Conference Centre, 40 Bull St, Birmingham, B4 6AF

Who is it for:

Anyone who believes we need to let go of power to unleash social change and wants to do something about it

What does it cost:

It’s a ‘pay as you feel’ event. If you can’t afford it, we would rather you paid nothing than didn’t come

Event Programme

Across each of our themes of power, relationships and collaboration we are building an exceptional programme of more than 36 sessions led or curated by members of the Losing Control Network:

Talk to me

In depth stories and examples of people who have tried doing this before (or are still involved now) and are prepared to share both inspiration and their practical learning openly and honestly.

Help me

Got a problem? Help Me sessions are for those that have a real challenge ahead of them and could do with others to help them work through it.  Nothing quite beats helping others to learn yourself either.

Teach me

Practical training in useful tools, techniques, or concepts from people who have actually applied these before and know what they’re talking about. Cutting edge technology, co-budgeting, facilitation skills, communications, movement building, power dynamics, group dynamics, culture and more.